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Trade association

The purpose of the trade association


The Finnish-Lithuanian trade association offers a contact channel for companies and individuals involved in Finnish and Lithuanian trade and financial cooperation. The association seeks to forward the commercial relations and investments between Finland and Lithuania as well as to increase the commercial and legal interaction between the two countries.


The association organizes various events on an annual basis: information events, small scale seminars and visits to various organizations. The association invites experts of their own fields, from both Finland and Lithuania as well as elsewhere in the Baltics, as speakers to these events. The events organized by the association are an excellent channel for acquiring new contacts, exchanging experiences and thereby increasing knowledge about Lithuania.

The events hosted by the association provide an excellent means for our members to gain knowledge about Lithuanian trade related matters, establishing one’s business in Lithuania, the economic and political situation of the country, etc. Furthermore, these events are a great platform for making contacts both with companies already in business both in Finland and in Lithuania as well as with both Finnish and Lithuanian officials.


Thanks to its extensive member list, the association has a wide contact network, in Finland, Lithuania and elsewhere in the Baltics, which its members are welcome to make use of.

On the association’s webpage you can easily find diverse information about Lithuania, the activities and operation of the association and its networks.

Lithuania is an interesting, fast-evolving market area, the geographical location of which gives it added value. The Finnish-Lithuanian Trade Association assists and aids both those member companies already established in Lithuania as well as those who are in the process of establishing themselves.



On its website, the association publishes information regarding Baltic and especially Lithuanian trade, economic matters, legislation and other matters related to the operation environment of companies.